A Warehousing Partner Going Beyond What You Expect From a Third Party

As a 3PL business partner, we provide many customized services to meet the needs of your business. Services include public and contract warehousing, e-commerce fulfillment, distribution, kitting, POS assembly, repacking, transloading, deconsolidation, and more.

Our team has many years of experience in supply chain management with manufacturers, distributors, and e-commerce companies. We take pride in being a business partner that strives for continuous improvement and always operates with the highest level of integrity.

Our warehouse at Logistics Park Kansas City in Edgerton, Kansas is strategically located to maximize the benefits of the BNSF intermodal facility. Distributors and e-commerce clients are benefiting from consistent delivery times due to the central location and lower total shipping costs.
Warehouse workers leaning on each other shows the Beyond Warehousing culture

Beyond Warehousing? It started with "Beyond the Contract."

NorthPoint Development captured the phrase to embody the concept that no contract can ever be written to reflect everything that will occur in a complex business relationship. The idea has grown to encompass the spirit that drives our company: breaking boundaries and striving for unrivaled supply chain solutions.

Our team has extensive experience in supply chain management with leading manufacturers, distributors, and e-commerce companies. We promote a culture of continuous improvement and retain from our days at Amazon a respect for the customer that informs all aspects of our operations.

“Beyond Warehousing takes pride in being different in a couple of ways.

1 ) We put people first. We avoid temporary labor, invest in training and growth, and incentivize high performance and continuous improvement.

2) We are a business partner. We listen to client needs and work on solving problems. One example of our customer-centricity: our transactional pricing model. Clients want to know what they are really going to pay, not just get a list of prices and wonder how things will shake out. We look at their business from their point of view so we can serve them better.”

– Jeff Havelka, CEO

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