Our Kansas City Transload Facilities

While both of our Kansas City warehouses support transloading services, our Edgerton, KS warehouse provides a unique advantage for overweight containers due to its strategic location in Logistics Park Kansas City. It’s proximity to the rail and access to the logistic park’s overweight corridor allows containers up to 58,000 lbs to be moved to our warehouse with no additional fees compared to a standard 40,000 lb container.

Cross Dock in Kansas City

Kansas City’s central location makes it a prime hub for distribution, transloading, and cross docking services. Between our Kansas City warehouses, Beyond Warehousing is near all five Class 1 rails in the area.

Freight Deconsolidation

Sometimes more than one location is needed to serve your customers’ needs efficiently. That’s where deconsolidation comes in. Beyond Warehousing can inspect your containers, just like transloading. But with deconsolidation, the contents are broken down into smaller shipments by SKU or purchase order for distribution and loaded on various trailers or containers to be transported to the appropriate destinations. This hub-and-spoke model is ideal for clients where the end customer is spread across a wider geographic area or when using a 3PL network.

Need Fulfillment Services?

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