Public Warehousing

Public warehousing space is ideal for companies that need short-term storage for seasonal inventory. Short-term warehousing ensures retailers and manufacturers are able to meet spikes in demand without making long-term commitments or contracts. It is also useful for companies looking to capitalize on advantageous buys and need a warehouse to store the extra inventory or have suddenly outgrown their current space. Our public warehousing space is allocated on a first-come first-served basis.

Contract Warehousing

Contract warehousing is space specifically allocated for Beyond Warehousing partners. Agreements generally allocate a certain number of guaranteed pallet locations and are for our fulfillment and distribution customers with contracts ranging from 1 year to 5 years.

Food-Grade Warehousing

Beyond Warehousing has ambient warehouse facilities that are AIB certified for storage and distribution of food products. Our warehouses are also registered with the FDA and USDA.

Flex Warehouse Space

Flex warehouse space offers a cost-effective storage solution to accommodate a wide range of client needs. Often the need for flex space arises because of inventory opportunity buys or products with high volume seasons. With our real estate partners, we can acquire flex space that meets your storage needs from a small overflow space to a large dedicated warehouse.

Value-Added Services

Below is a list of services that are available to our warehousing clients. They are value-added and are not offered as stand-alone services.

Logistics Coordination

Some clients prefer we handle the coordination of their transportation while others are more comfortable controlling it themselves. We have an extensive network of transportation partners we can utilize and/or introduce to our clients.

Kitting, Assembly, and Repacking

Whether you are a startup looking for a partner to help you through your growing pains or a well-established company exploring your outsourcing options, Beyond Warehousing can help. We can service all your kitting, repacking, or assembly needs, whatever they may be. Our kitting and assembly services include, but are not limited to:
  • Point of Purchase Assembly
  • Standard Kitting Assembly
  • Complex Kitting and Fulfillment
  • Custom Kits
  • Sub-assembly
  • Repacks

Reverse Logistics

Sometimes the customer changes their mind and want to return the product. We can handle that. We offer reverse logistics services including grading, liquidation, and destroying returned products.


Due to volume pricing, we can often procure lower rates on materials such as corrugate, bags, and labels.

Need Fulfillment Services?

View the pages below to get more information about our retail and e-commerce fulfillment services.


If you have any questions about our services or capabilities, please reach out to our team!
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