Leverage Amazon's Online Marketplace While Saving on Warehousing and Fulfillment Costs.

Beyond Warehousing works with e-commerce companies that use Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) but don’t want to pay premium rates for storage and companies using Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM). Inventory can be stored at our 3PL warehouse in Edgerton, Kansas where we can prepare and ship your inventory for FBA or FBM fulfillment.
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Heavy Haul Corridor Price Difference

Utilize the Heavy Haul Corridor

Containers up to 58,000 pounds can be moved over the road from the BNSF rails to Beyond Warehousing with no additional fees compared to a standard 40,000-pound container. Transloading less than a mile from the intermodal facility ensures low drayage costs and that containers are returned to the rail within their allowed window to avoid fees.

2-3 Day Shipping for the Continental U.S. Population

Kansas City is at the intersection of four major U.S. interstate highways creating an ideal distribution hub. Distribution and e-commerce clients are benefiting from consistent delivery times and lower shipping costs due to our warehouse’s location and proximity to an advantageous transportation infrastructure. Kansas City is the only metro area that can reach 65% of the U.S. population in 2 days and 100% in 3 days.
Kansas City as the hub in the hub-and-spoke model
Omni-channel icon

Scale and Develop an Omni-channel Strategy

Online sellers can sometimes miss out on sales when Amazon fulfillment centers place storage limits or have delays in processing inventory. Partnering with Beyond Warehousing allows sellers to acquire more storage as they grow and during their peak seasons creating more scalability and flexibility. It also opens opportunities to develop an omni-channel fulfillment strategy.

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Does your business pay to ship air because you are weighing out before filling your shipping container? A heavy haul corridor allows businesses to make the most of their containers resulting in lower total landed costs.

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