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General Operations

Beyond Warehousing is a full-service 3PL warehousing company offering storage, distribution, and e-commerce fulfillment solutions. We also provide value-added services such as kitting, assembly, transportation coordination, reverse logistics, and more.

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We can handle a wide range of ambient goods, including high-value, specialized, food-grade, and oversized products. We do NOT handle hazardous/dangerous goods, fireworks, liquor, or tobacco.
  • Food Products Requiring Ambient Warehouse – Our warehouses undergo intense AIB audits and are BRCGS certified for the storage and distribution of food products.
  • Retail Industry – Beyond Warehousing has extensive processes in place to meet various vendor compliance programs set by retailers. Our team has helped improve scorecard ratings with even the toughest retailer programs.
  • Pet Products – CenterPoint, a division of Beyond Warehousing, handles only pet products.
  • Manufacturing – We have a number of clients that store products with us prior to or directly after manufacturing.
Our team has experience with a variety of product types that can be stored in ambient warehousing. A large portion of our warehouses contain manufacturing components and finished consumer goods. Some examples include plastic resin, plastic totes, large machinery, small kitchen appliances, bottled and canned beverages, BBQ rubs and sauces, packages of finished pretzels, furniture, lawn tools, pet treats, and more. Curious if we have handled your type of product before? Reach out to our sales team.

Our proximity to the rail and BNSF intermodal facility has led to a large portion of our inbound volume being imported containers. Our team is very experienced in handling floor-loaded containers quickly to avoid demurrage fees.

Good communication regarding expected volumes allows Beyond Warehousing to create a dynamic labor plan. During random influxes, our team will utilize overtime triggers and, if necessary, supplement with temporary labor in low quality-risk positions.

Every pallet/item received is given a unique MUID (moveable unit) which follows the life cycle from inbound to shipment. This MUID is then scanned into our scannable location, which is then systematically received in. During the picking process, our team members will scan the items to ensure it is the correct item for the order prior to picking and shipping.

Ensuring quality and reducing risk of damages/shrinkage loss is a multi-prong approach.

  1. Training – Beyond trains all employees on processes and on MHE, when applicable. New employees generally start in low-risk positions like unloading or picking product, which are followed by additional quality checks.
  2. Warehouse Layout – There is a tradeoff between storage capacity and damages. Using a tight aisle width, like 9’6”, ensures that a warehouse can hold as much as possible. However, the risk of damages increase with a narrower aisle. Beyond has found that a slightly wider aisle, of 10’6″-11’0”, provides additional space to maneuver MHE and lowers damage rates during the putaway and picking process.
We cycle count 2% of the inventory each week. This means annually we will have counted 100% of the inventory. If the client requires additional cycle counts (quarterly, bi-annually, etc.) then we would charge a per pallet cycle counting rate.
We do handle returns/reverse logistics as a value-added service for client utilizing our warehousing, distribution, and/or e-commerce fulfillment services. However, it is not offered as a stand-alone service.
Beyond Warehousing is open Monday – Friday. Our office hours are 8:00am – 5:00pm. Dock hours are 7:30am – 3:30pm. We extend labor as needed according to volumes and seasons. We also have a second shift at one of our facilities which runs from 5:00pm to 3:00am CST.
  1. Intro Call with Onboarding – Review scope of work
  2. Gather Necessary Documentation (i.e. master sku list, SOP’s, billing profile)
  3. Call with Beyond Warehousing Team – Discuss project
  4. First Inbound of Product Allow 72-96 hours for dock-to-stock, identify painpoints, and debrief
  5. First Outbound of Product Allow for advanced notice, review labels, take photos, account management review, and debrief
  6. 90 Day Review – Meet with Account Management
Beyond Warehousing recycles all of our corrugate, plastic, cans, and paper. We also purchase shipping materials that are all made from 100% recycled materials.
We do not have a minimum monthly order volume. However, we do have a weekly minimum invoice amount, which is $500.00.
It is very easy to scale inventory within our warehouses. One example is a client of ours that sells seasonal products. They have a large influx of inbound trucks that arrive at our facility from June to August and a large volume of outbound orders from August to October. Their inventory footprint in our warehouses is significantly smaller during the rest of the year.
We can offer same-day processing on orders received by our team by 12:00pm CST that day. We also build this specific to our clients’ needs and service levels in our agreements as needed.

Warehouse Facilities

Beyond Warehousing has four locations within the Kansas City metro area. See address information below.

Yes! Beyond Warehousing’s facilities are BRCGS certified by AIB International for the storage and distribution of food products.

Beyond Warehousing has over 1 million square feet of warehouse space in the Kansas City metro. You can view specific location capacities on our locations page. We are also part of the NorthPoint family of companies. Our relationship with NorthPoint Development provides access to temporary warehouse space throughout the Kansas City area. We have leveraged this relationship to obtain temporary space for our clients in the past.

Contact our team to learn about available capacity in our warehouses.
Beyond Warehousing has fire alarms (with associated sprinkler systems) that are connected to the local fire department. Our warehouses have access control systems, meaning you can’t gain access to the building without an access badge. All locations have video surveillance inside and out 24 hours per day.
Guaranteed space is when a client is provided with a dedicated amount of space within the warehouse. This ensures the client has access to the reserved capacity regardless of fluctuations in overall warehouse utilization. Whether it is bulk space or pallet positions, the client can rely on consistent and predictable storage capacity for their needs.
Our warehouses are ambient, meaning we do not meet the temperature or humidity levels required for air-conditioned, refrigerated, or frozen environments. Our temperature history data shows our warehouses remain between 55 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Customer Service

Beyond Warehousing was founded to fill a need for customer-focused warehousing solutions. We listen to the needs of our clients and work to solve problems. View our client success team’s performance metrics below.

  • Average Response Time: 51 minutes
  • First Resolution Time: 2.1 hours
  • Ticket Open to Close Time: 4.2 hours

Each week, the Director of Operations chairs the weekly OTAAR (Operational Tactical After-Action Review) meeting.

Any team member can submit an event for OTAAR review. The purpose of the OTAAR is to identify:

  • What were the intentions?
  • What happened?
  • What can we learn?
  • What should we do next time?
  • What should we do now?

Each owner of an OTAAR item is required to deep-dive the issue to full completion. All issues (internal and external) are reviewed weekly with a senior leader and the building’s operation, quality, and customer service leaders. The root cause is identified, appropriate changes in process are implemented. Findings are shared across locations and processes are updated based on the results.

The goal for our client success team is a response time of under 2 hours. The team currently averages a response rate of 51 min.

Each client is assigned a Client Success Representative to communicate with throughout the day. This individual will be an extension to our client’s business and help with the day-to-day questions or assignments.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are created and stored on the shared drive within the Beyond Warehousing network. All SOPs are refined at the site level and go through an approval process prior to posting. All Beyond Warehousing buildings share the same WMS, so the SOPs are standard across all buildings. The only variance comes to play with specific customers and their unique requirements. These client-specific requirements are added as additional SOPS and included on our Wiki page.

Shipping and Transportation

In-house, Beyond Warehousing offers transportation coordination (FTL/LTL) and parcel shipping. Clients can utilize our 3PL shipper accounts for FedEx, UPS, etc., utilize their own shipper accounts, or ship 3rd party billing. We also offer a few value-added transportation services including customer pick-up and will call. Beyond Warehousing has an extensive network of transportation partners providing services from drayage to import and export.
Our team can manage freight on behalf of our clients. However, some of our clients prefer to manage their own transportation.
Our internal service levels are 99% on-time shipping. This is a guaranteed metric we manage and execute to.
Beyond Warehousing’s central location in Kansas City allows for 2-day transit times to 85% of the continental U.S. population.
Yes, we have capabilities to ship both on our account and third party account numbers internationally.

Pricing and Quotes

You can contact our team for a quote by submitting the form on our contact page, emailing the sales team at, or calling our office at (913) 521-4020.

Beyond Warehousing’s pricing structure is primarily transactional, with rates proposed for specific activities or transactions within the warehouse. However, there are circumstances where we may utilize another structure, such as an all-in rate (ex: one-off transload project) or a labor-based structure (ex: additional work not in the original agreed-upon scope).

To better understand how 3PL pricing works, check out our blog post, “3PL Pricing: Understanding Warehousing and Fulfillment Costs.”

About Beyond Warehousing

You can apply for a job by visiting our careers page and viewing our available positions.

All Beyond Warehousing new hires go through our onboarding program. The initial onboarding phase can last up to 4 days (depending on their role); to include driving of equipment.

Once the new hire successfully completes the on-boarding program they are moved to the floor to their assigned duty location. It is expected that every new hire has a 4-week ramp period to learn their new role. During this period, they are evaluated by both their supervisor and trainer. Any deficiencies or failure to achieve the standard is highlighted and focused.

Following the first 90 days, all new hires are assessed by their supervisor. The review will cover safety, dependability, quality focus, job knowledge, work standards, teamwork, communication, initiative, adaptability, and training.

Responsiveness – We are committed to providing excellent and timely customer service to all clients.

Flexibility – Beyond Warehousing provides customized solutions to meet unique client needs. We have flexibility to expand or reduce services when needed.

Transparency – We are straightforward and honest in everything from rates to capabilities. Misleading or inaccurate information will inhibit a sustainable and long-term partnership.

Stay updated with Beyond Warehousing’s latest news by subscribing to our newsletter, checking in on our company news and blog webpages, or following our company LinkedIn page.
Yes! During the sales process, if requested, we can provide references from current clients.
All of our facilities are registered with the FDA and USDA. Our facilities are also either BRCGS certified or currently in the process of being BRCGS certified by AIB International.

Integration and Technology

Beyond Warehousing operations use a robust warehouse management system (WMS), Cadence by Cadre. It is customizable by utilizing our SQL backend access.

Our shipping software is Digital Shipper.

Beyond Warehousing has extensive integration capabilities including options for manual, EDI, and API integration.
Integration timelines vary depending on the integration type and complexity. The average timeline is between 4-6 weeks, but could take as little as 2 weeks.
Our warehouse management system is Cadence by Cadre. We do provide demos to prospective clients upon request.
We do have an open API and connect with most e-commerce shopping carts including Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento.
Yes, we provide our clients with a login ID and password to our WMS, Cadence WebAccess. Our clients have access to all of the same information our team has access to.

Still Have Questions? Reach Out to Our Team.

We are here to answer all of your questions.

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